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Strategic Partnership Announcement

Excited to announce a strategic collaboration between LlamaRisk and!


LlamaRisk is an independent organization that conducts research, analysis and reports on DeFi protocols to identify underlying risks. They will assess all proposed collateral types on respective chain deployments by delivering a sophisticated simulation tool and risk monitoring portal to ensure a secure protocol and stablecoin for the new global order of $MONEY.

LlamaRisk Origins 

LlamaRisk is an independent team of passionate Curve community members that was originally born out of the Curve Grants Council. They have a reputation for conducting high-quality assessments of assets and protocols within the DeFi space. With a focus on stablecoins, pegged assets, and liquid staking derivatives, they examine the mechanics and risk vectors underlying assets and protocols and then publish public risk assessment reports.

Scope of Relationship 

  • Initial risk parameters for chain & collateral deployments

    • Provide risk parameter recommendations for onboarding chains and assets using the LLAMMA simulator with a simplified Debt Ceiling to ensure safe first collateral recommendations. 

  • A Custom Risk Portal

    • LlamaRisk will develop and host a risk portal dashboard that allows continuous monitoring of overall protocol health and an integration of simulation outputs, for use by the team as well as the public and community. 

    • This custom in-house simulator allows for automation of the risk assessment process for new chains and assets. This will provide a solid foundation for the rapid scaling of to new ecosystems.  

  • Oracle Design Assistance

    • Collaborate on Oracle solutions and research, focusing on the unique parameters of L2s.

Read the first full initial report here 👇

Looking Forward

We are excited to partner with LlamaRisk on this initiative as it will help scale quickly and effectively across the entire EVM. Having a robust risk department and toolkit is crucial to ensuring our chain deployments and collateral types are properly scaled and safely assessed. 

This partnership ultimately results in a more secure protocol foundation for the new global order of - $MONEY.

Upwards and onwards,

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