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A Stablecoin & Global Liquidity Layer for a New Age

Welcome to a new era of $MONEY


  • $MONEY is a USD-based (CDP) stablecoin that seamlessly travels with you across the EVM.

  • is a licensed refactor of crvUSD, but natively cross-chain with a focus on L2s and the following architecture advancements:

    • Broader Collateral | More flexible collateral types provide atypical scalability. 

    • Simplified UX | Streamlined leveraging and borrowing experiences provide a super simple UX for users.

    • Improved LLAMMA | Combined with the speed of L2s, LLAMMA automatically rebalances collateral for users, allowing greater protocol stability.

    • Natively Cross-Chain | The protocol is inherently interoperable with any EVM; users can move $MONEY and lock weight tokens on any chain.... #chainwars are here.

    • Increased Utility | Minting and repayment, along with monetary policy, provide greater fee capture for the protocol.

  • A safe, censorship-resistant, and borderless alternative to the status quo is here... Welcome to the new digital era of $MONEY

Protocol Impetuous & Scalability

Scalability is a common hurdle all decentralized stablecoins face… is there enough collateral and liquidity to create (i.e., mint) new stablecoins?

Inherent in their design, the delicate balance between price stability, capital efficiency, and decentralization has resulted in the current stablecoin landscape, characterized by:

  • Fragmentation: Liquidity dispersed and isolated across different blockchain networks.

  • Inefficiency: Leading decentralized stablecoins require high collateralization factors.

  • Rigidity: Limited utilization of collateral in emerging ecosystems.

The demand for stablecoins is already insatiable, with a total addressable market of over three (3) trillion USD in the next five years. To further expand the adoption of stablecoins, we must reimagine the decentralized stablecoin solutions user experience, especially as we conscript users who are increasingly less crypto-native...

This dynamic has challenged the space for years but fear not... a solution is here. is EVM agnostic; offering a capital-efficient, scalable, and truly interoperable USD stablecoin for anyone, anywhere.

Introducing $MONEY

$MONEY unifies liquidity across the entire EVM by being natively interoperable, dissolving silos between chains, and giving users the freedom to borrow outside of a single ecosystem. Purpose-built to seamlessly access capital anywhere.

$MONEY leverages Curve’s innovative liquidation mechanism LLAMMA (Lending-Liquidating AMM Algorithm) to offer a range of benefits over current CDP protocols; including, higher LTV and soft liquidation - providing a borrower-friendly, less volatile alternative to forceful liquidation processes previously implemented by stablecoin protocols.

End Result = A safer, scalable, and more capital-efficient stablecoin that transcends individual chains...ushering in a new era of value exchange in the digital global economy.

Looking Forward 

With autonomy under threat, a DeFi native means of exchanging value is here... $MONEY is built to sustain us in this new era.

Coming from a long lineage of buildors, will be the most ubiquitous decentralized stablecoin in DeFi. Standing on the shoulders of giants, we are here to rebalance an inequitable world and it starts today...get involved and help us build the new global order of $MONEY.

Upwards and onwards,
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