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Curve Licensing Collaboration

Growing the Flywheel is a licensed refactor of crvUSD, designed to be cross-chain from day one and optimized for life on Layer 2. Our unique architecture allows us to focus on long-tail assets, working hand-in-hand alongside $crvUSD to enable untapped liquidity and drive the Curve flywheel.

We are:

  • Built for Layer 2: is part of a new breed of decentralized finance applications, purpose-built to utilize the advantages offered by Ethereum Layer 2's and related scaling solutions. Reduced gas costs and faster confirmation times allow us to accept lower-liquidity collaterals that would be unsuitable for Ethereum Layer 1.

  • Designed to Grow:'s architecture is one with a focus on scaling. Integration with new chains is a straightforward and painless process. Wherever there is (Curve) liquidity, we will follow.

  • Powered by LLAMMA: Under the hood, is driven by the same groundbreaking algorithms that power $crvUSD. Users can mint $MONEY and sleep well knowing that their positions are protected from liquidation in the event of a sudden market downturn. In Math we trust.


Per the terms of our licensing agreement, and as a signal of our cooperative, symbiotic relationship with the Curve DAO and its related ecosystem, we are excited to announce the following:

  • 20% of's protocol revenue will be used to drive CRV incentives toward $MONEY/$crvUSD pools, in perpetuity (read: birbs).

  • All veCRV holders will receive an airdrop at the time of TGE - unlocked, no strings attached.

  • Prior to our TGE, the points program will feature a special class of "veCRV points", which are only earnable by veCRV holders... intersubjective.

More details on each of these items will follow as we gradually roll out the protocol, so stay tuned 🦙

What's Next

By addressing nascent chains and exotic collaterals; bootstrapping liquidity and complementing market shares, we position ourselves to grow in unison as one ecosystem. Ultimately when you combine a stalwart like $crvUSD with the agility of, one can capture an increasing amount of market share for decentralized stablecoins.

With $crvUSD and $MONEY there is a new global order of value transfer, don’t sleep.

Upwards and onwards,
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